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Before you pick up the phone to dial my number, you may wonder if I am the right kind of dominant ebony mistress you want to talk to. My style of domination and abuse can be described as classically unique. If you can answer yes to 3 or more of the questions I posted below you most likely will fit well with my personality.

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  • Does the thought of your wife/girlfriend having an affair turn you on?
  • Do you consider yourself a sexual failure?
  • Are you someone who has finally accepted the fact that he is sexually inadequate and should not bother attempting to "man up" and pleasure women the traditional way that is expected of you?
  • Is the thought of traditional sex with the goal of satisfying a woman's most basic needs too intimidating to you?
  • Do you have problems maintaining an erection while an attractive woman is trying to make your cock hard, but have no problem getting stiff when you watch a kinky porno, or hot interracial flick.
  • Do you only get off to interracial porn, and wish you could be there to spread her legs wide and hold them apart while her big dicked black lover pounds her pussy?
  • Have you always desired to serve a bossy black beauty who humiliates and degrades you but have been to chicken shit to approach one?
  • Do you need someone to take charge, put you on a short leash, and give you strict, seductively cruel rules to follow?
  • Are you interested in having your cock stroking privileges taken away until I decide you can masturbate again? Does the idea of being put into chastity for long periods of time turn you on?
  • Do you want to lick creampies out of a juicy black pussy? How about a sticky fresh cum load right out of my round bubble butt? Would you feel proud to do so?
  • Are you a money slave? A weak sappy loser who likes paying very attractive women lots of cash to acknowledge you? Are you ready to prove how pathetic you truly are by paying my bills and taking me on shopping sprees every month?
  • Are you bi-curious? Interested in some forced bi fantasy? I also love to put on strap-on's and fuck submissive fuckers up their flabby white asses..sounds good to you?
  • Do you need some help figuring out how to convince your woman to cheat on you with a black man? I can teach you how.

    I can help you with many of kinky desires that rush through your perverted mind. I understand what motivates a man like you so your conversations with me will not be in vain. I live the life. I know my craft, and I am what inferior white men need to help maintain some level of sexual purpose, no matter humiliating it may seem.

    Or dial 1(877) 814-6794 ext: 111521

    Adults 18+ Only.

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  • compulsive, excessive masturbation
  • your unfaithful wife. cheating girlfriend
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  • small puny man vs tall amazon female
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  • trickery, deception, cruel games


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