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My strict requirements for cuckold servitude.

I must insist upon all of my cuckolds to be working or have a minimum yearly income of $60,000 to afford the honor of serving in my presence. You must always be clean and freshly shaved when seeing me live in person. When you serve me over the phone or online I always expect your full obedience. **I will accept white, asian, arab, or latin submissive's as cuckolded slaves. I don't accept black cuckolds since it's so unheard of it would not be interesting or a turn on.**

Full Requirements

To be an effective cuckold you must be inadequate in at least 3 of 8 ways.

  1. You may have a very small penis or average sized penis.
  2. a fast cummer with no control over his wad. a "leaker"
  3. a "man"with very little back bone/no sex appeal whatsoever
  4. you personally prefer watching a real man fucking your wife or girlfriend rather than doing the actual fucking yourself.
  5. the only kind of porn you can get off with is black man white female interracial porn.
  6. the idea of humiliation by having your wife bred by multiple hung black men makes you excited. you think about it all the time. you can see yourself taking the full responsibility of being father to all of your illegitimate half breed black children. the fact that everyone close to you will see your private shame turns you on even more.
  7. your willing to cook , clean, pay, and even fluff my lovers big black dicks if required by me without hesitation. "Fluffing" a cock basically means sucking and stroking the alpha cock for me before I fuck it. Your basically keeping him hard until I am ready to let him fuck me.
  8. you must have a very open mind, and cannot be cheap. payment is always expected , tips are always expected also. Tributes are required, so if money is tight, don't bother contacting me.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Style Of Cuckolding

  1. What is a cuckold/cuckolding?
    Answer: According to Wikipedia, "A cuckold is a married man with an adulterous wife. Due to the word's original meaning, a man who is unwittingly raising another man's child, it refers to a man who is unaware of the infidelity."

    My view on cuckolding as a sexual fetish
    - Although I am sure the technical term for cuckolding is correct, in my world there is no mystery for the cuckold to figure out. All white men who try to date me are told immediately that the only purpose they can serve for me is as an obedient , financially supportive partner who understands that I will not fuck him if his cock is under my size requirement, and even if he does meet my standards, black men who do meet my size requirements and above will always have the chance to fuck me as much as I desire it. My white partner can chose to walk away or openly serve me as a loyal cuckold. He knows I sleep with black men, like a black woman is supposed to. My cuck understands that black cock is superior, and my personal goal is to slowly convert every white woman I encounter into a black cock addicted, can read more about my racial revenge fetish here.

  2. What is a cuckold creampie?
    Answer: According to, "The cuckold cream pie is the absolute ultimate for any cuckold... the ultimate honor, the ultimate pleasure, and the ultimate humiliation. In sexual reference, a cream pie refers to a freshly penetrated orifice in which ejaculation has occurred and ejaculate (cum) has been deposited. Most often, this refers to a woman's pussy (the 'pie') that has been filled with her lover's cum (the 'cream'). For a cuckold, it is his wife, girlfriend, or significant other who has been sexually penetrated and pleasured by another man, and it is usually her pussy which holds this coveted cream pie. It is the cuckold's ultimate humiliation that another man has not only penetrated his wife or girlfriend, but also has inseminated her deep inside with his huge deposit of creamy white cum. It is the cuckold's ultimate pleasure when his wife or girlfriend gives him the ultimate honor of licking her overflowing pussy clean of that thick, creamy pie."

    My view on the cuckold creampie - I think the description above nailed it! As a dominant black goddess, I feel that any submissive white cuck who has earned the honor to serve me and my alpha male black bulls , should be eager to devour the hot sticky steaming leftovers of my black lovers load. I enjoy watching your face lick the dripping goo out of my ass after a 20 minute butt fuck from Kevin my homeboy with the fat juicy dick I love so much. Your the bottom in this relationship, so it's only fitting that you lick and enjoy all of those natural love juices I choose to squeeze straight into that mouth. The creampie is your reward, the humiliating names I call you while you eat it is your reward. It's the ultimate facial for a man, and it's my favorite part of the cuckolding lifestyle.

  3. Do your live sessions include actual cuckolding?
    Answer: Of course not. A cuckold means more to me than just a 1 hour session with random strangers. My cuckold is slave, loyal friend, rare lover (if he meets my size requirements and is attractive) , and financial supporter (to the best of his ability) . I will not agree to a random cuckolding session so do not ask. This honor has to be earned, no exceptions. My phone sessions are quite effective in making a submissive feel and believe that my words are true because they are. You can serve me over the phone and experience levels of cuckold humiliation and training you could have never imagined. Try clicking the "call now" button on this page to speak to me live.

    Or dial 1-800-863-5478 ext: 0233718
    Adults 18+ Only.