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This month's video assignment is a really sexy yet cruel cuckold video I just adore . It features a shapely engaged blonde who is shamefully fucking her lover's giant black dick RIGHT THERE in the hospital room where her sick cuckold fiancee lays ill. I always laugh out loud when I hear her humiliate her sick future husband while riding the huge black cock. She's ruthless and cold , and seems to be seriously turned on by the scene she's created .

As you can imagine, my favorite part is when her black dick piece asks her if she wants to make a half breed baby when she demands he cum's inside her. Her fiancee can barely move. He just shakes his head in shame for being such a cuckolded wimp. She is tormenting him and express how much deep his black cock can go than his. Then she finishes off the end of the clip by squirting the black creampie load into her wimp fiancee's face then sat on it completely after her bull lover told her too.

After you watch the entire video , I will expect you to fill out the video assignment quiz form below the movie. I request that you try to keep your hands off of your dick while viewing your assignment. I prefer your masturbation time to be at my discretion and over the phone with me. I'm sure many of you will fail miserably and end up busting a pathetic nut as expected of all weak minds. Don't just watch the video, listen, then fill out the form below.

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